BRTS – Fast bus service in ahmedabad , is having the best bus drivers.

BRTS – Fast bus service in ahmedabad , is having the best bus drivers. They drive very fast & save ass of @$/k guys on road. People here drive in BRTS VIP corridor also, where they should not neither permitted. Today BRTS bus driver saved a kid by applying breaks on time & waited for him until he crossed the road.



  1. Well, I commute every day in BRTS, and trust me, its a pleasure experience sitting just next to the driver seat watching the drivers saving really stupids lives on road every day….
    One day while going to my office in BRTS, sitting the seat behind the driver, I felt a heavy jerk in the bus, which throw me to the rod frame that seperates drivers cabin and the ladies section of the bus…It hurt my arm as I hit that frame…I screamed…and then I noticed many of the passengers falls from their seats…I was about to shout on the driver when I noticed driver was shouting on some one out of the window… I diverted my focus out and saw a skinny girl on activa, I can assume with her expression that she will cry in any minute now…
    YES…If the driver hasn’t applied the brake in time, I had witnessed something I never want to…the BUS must have crushed the lil girl…
    I sensed something deep inside me…and that was the respect for the driver and ofcourse the unbearable pain on my arm and shoulder and wrist…it was killing…:P


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