I will be showing you how to build a wifi robot from scratch. It is a very straight forward project and can easily be handled by a intermediate robot builder. To complete the robot, it will take a couple of hours. I also attached the android phone with this app ip camera with this robo and connected to the wifi to see live video feed. We need to reduce `Beacon Interval` to 40 instead of 100 (default) if we are using wifi router to command robo with pc/laptop to see real time effect.
Video of complete robot driving:

Items needed

  1. Nodemcu esp8266 https://www.amazon.in/ESP8266-NodeMcu-WiFi-Development-Board/dp/B00UY8C3N0/
  2. Power Bank
  3. Robot platform
  4. Motor driver
  5. Motor as per requirement
  6. Jumper wires
  7. Bread Board (Optional)

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